At Iron Park Gym, membership not only gives you access to our clean and spacious gyms, it connects you with knowledgeable coaches and an uplifting community inside our gyms, at home and anywhere. We also make it easy to include friends and family, for extra inspiration on your journey to results.

More Than a Gym Packages


Whether you’re visiting Iron Park Gym on business or are just taking your personal fitness one day at a time, we’d like to invite you to experience all that Iron Park has to offer.

1 MONTH  20 BD

2 MONTH  30 BD

3 MONTH  40 BD

6 MONTH  60 BD

1 YEAR    100 BD

Best value


Our monthly membership helps you to keep your fitness goals on track without a commitment of any kind, while still enjoying all of the amenities that Iron Park Gym has to offer.

1 MONTH  30 BD

2 MONTH  50 BD

3 MONTH  65 BD

6 MONTH  110 BD

1 YEAR    180 BD


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